Video: Brain science 101 with Sanjay and Sal Khan

March 14, 2012 at 14:34

Sanjay Gupta is already a neurosurgeon, a CNN host, and a 60 Minutes correspondent. But he may have found his true calling when he sat down with Sal Khan for this 60 Minutes Overtime feature.

Khan, profiled by Gupta on 60 Minutes this week, is an accidental educator who makes 10-minute internet videos on math, science, finance, and other topics. Khan and his free homemade video tutorials have become a phenomenon in the world of education, and he recently began to invite other lecturers to record videos for his Khan Academy website.

Internet phenomenon Sal Khan’s video lessons

Gupta was anxious to become one of the first guest lecturers, so he tried his hand at making a Khan-style video on the human brain. In this 60 Minutes Overtime video, you’ll see the making of Gupta’s video, which you can watch in full below: