Giving Tuesday: A Day to Support Charitable Giving

Giving Tuesday is an international movement for charitable giving. Started in 2012, Giving Tuesday quickly became the highlight of the Thanksgiving holiday and kicks off the charitable season. With the heart of giving, Business Mogul compiled a list of charitable foundations that we encourage you to support. Let’s support Giving Tuesday by contributing to one of these charitable organizations.


The Draughn Family Foundation - The foundation provide middle and high school students the building blocks and opportunity to define and grow their strengths, self-esteem and values, in the areas of social, academic, physical and moral arenas. Click HERE to donate

Music is Life Nonprofit - The purpose of Music is Life is to encourage the integration of communication and collaboration through team building, peer coaching, and music training. Keyboards will be provided for student use during instruction time. Curriculum for this program facilitates tailored lessons to fit beginner, intermediate, and advanced musicians. Our program will prepare each student with a solid foundation in creative music, and inspire critical thinking for educational fortitude in liberal arts. We help develop informed, inquiring minds to engage, grow, and become musically inclined leaders of our society. Click HERE to donate

Hargraves Outreach - At Hargraves Outreach we are truly committed to being the “Bridge” to help so many overcome the various “Barriers” that hinder them from finding employment. One thing that sets our team a part is that we are all very passionate about our mission to assist the under-served population to find employment. We don’t consider what we do a job, it is our responsibility to our communities. Click HERE to donate

Feeding the People Ministries - Feeding the People Ministries is a Christian based ministry blessed by God to help feed His people both naturally and spiritually. It was founded in 1999 by Kevin and Laurie Bragg of Hillsborough, NC. The ministry is located in Hillsborough, Orange County, North Carolina, but the ministry has no boundaries regarding helping people. The ministry is a non-profit organization which means that all profits through donations and monies raised go directly into the ministry to fulfill our mission.

Kinston Teens - From the White House to the Capitol Building, to boardrooms and city halls, young people are often left out of the decisions that most affect them. That’s why, at 14 years old, Christopher J. Suggs founded Kinston Teens in October of 2014. Already a recognized voice and representative of youth in his community, he started Kinston Teens as an effort to amplify the voices of all of the youth of Kinston, and to create civic engagement and community service opportunities for his peers. Click HERE to donate

Girls Going Global - Girls Going Global (GGG) is a non profit organization seeking to address the disparity of girls of color in international education and today’s field of travel and international affairs. Girls Going Global provides global leadership programming to girls from underrepresented communities.Our mission is to empower girls of color through travel and cultural exchange to become creators and leaders of the world. Click HERE to learn more and donate.

Accelerating Men, Inc. - Accelerating Men is a nonprofit community faith-based organization with a devout responsibility to lead young men ages 10-18 to live a true lifestyle that reflects the will of God. Click HERE to donate

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