6 Marketing Tips for 2019


Written by Shariah Green

When you began talking about the goals for your business how often did your marketing budget come up? Many have taken time to write out tactics on how to achieve their goals by networking but it’s important to consider what you’ll invest in to ensure you reach your consumer to help fight against the noise on all media platforms. According to Trade Pub over half (61%) of businesses lack a formal marketing plan.

The overall goal of your marketing and advertising should be to drive traffic to your website, generate leads from that traffic, and convert those leads into sales. So, approach the year with curiosity. What do you really want to learn about your customers and business this year? One thing I constantly stress to my clients is that there will be many elements to your marketing plan, and not all will have a clear or a trackable impact on sales. Regardless of the method you choose, as a new or established business, marketing is important at all times.

Most marketing plans can increase website traffic and leads, but only the proper investment can ensure that the traffic is relevant and the leads are qualified. A marketing budget should suit the size of your company and the quarterly financial goals you’ve set and be optimized based on the marketing solutions that bring the most ROI.

As you set your business goals for 2019, here are a few marketing tools from related articles that I believe are helpful tips for this year!

1. Get Your Website in Shape
As an Integrated Marketing Specialist, I’ve talked to many different startups and well established professionals that had impressive-sounding businesses, but when I went to their websites, the shoddy design and poor copy sapped their credibility and seriously undercut their perceived value.

Let’s face it...It’s 2019 and you need a good website or landing page that does not discredit your business when consumers are directed to your web address. You could invest any of the solutions I have below. But, as Target Marketing said in an article, “No matter how good the actual product or service you offer is, if your website doesn’t communicate that value, you are destabilizing all of your marketing efforts.”

2. Social Media Presence Matters
We’ve all seen the impact that social media has on startup businesses. It presents great potential to engage your audience in new and meaningful ways. In 2018, 92% of small businesses invested more time and money in at least one social media platform, according to a survey by The Manifest.

The best part is that (right now) it’s not too expensive to start business promotions. Most social platforms offer tools that help you track what posts have the most engagement, which is helpful as you’re learning what messages resonate best with your ideal customer. Using any form of digital advertising is great but also make sure you understand how to read the analytics of your reports to learn from your customers.

3. Content Marketing Grows in Importance
Most (80%) of small businesses don’t invest in content marketing, according to research from Clutch. However, great content marketing can be the best source of high-quality leads, according to HubSpot. In 2019, small businesses can win by approaching content with a multimedia mindset.

As you get caught up on how to help your business grow don’t forget how to feed your own soul. Content is not inspired behind your desk or in a board meeting. Get out and explore nature, go to a museum or concert. These types of things help fuel your creative ideas and can help inspire content that relate to your audience.

4. Voice Demands Greater Attention
You’ve likely called on Alexa, Siri, or Google to find the closest repair shop or restaurant near you. As consumers increasingly turn to voice search, small businesses must understand how to get their businesses found. For some small businesses this may not be an immediate focus. But, if you implemented a good SEO or SEM campaign this past year consider learning more on this feature. According to ComScore, 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020.

5. Location-Based Marketing Takes Off
If you’ve spoke with a marketing specialist you’ve heard of geo and behavioral targeting. If you haven’t taken advantage of this feature yet, take it into consideration for 2019. Nearly two-thirds of marketers use location data for targeting promotions, according to Factual, and more than 8 in 10 marketers say location-based marketing helped them grow their customer base.

6. Traffic Jam-Radio Lives on

There are numerous misinterpretations of radio and television. It’s such a digital world that we live in that some have began to think its obsolete. But the truth is if advertisers can’t catch commuters’ eyes with digital or outside billboards, they are also trying to reach them through radio. Traffic jams have increased to an average of 30 mins for most commuters. In that time, many tune in to their favorite local radio stations to make it through. This is a time when the consumer is more likely to remember your message as they have to focus on their everyday needs. Such as, what they’re cooking for dinner and an ad from Food Lion promotes ready to cook meals; or maybe a listener has low tire pressure and an ad for Mr. Tires comes on. Radio is an element that keeps your business top of mind and is most effective with a clear call to action that aligns with your other marketing tools.

One thing for certain is that marketing is always changing so stay up on trends and see what’s improved or no longer works. Some consumers have options to remove ads while searching and reading articles. So, 2019 will be a bit tougher to try and keep your brand present amidst the noise. You can never go wrong with real life interaction so attending trade shows and business related events is another great way to keep your brand present in the community. Also, the value of referrals will never go away! So, as leads come in be sure to make a lasting impression so that your company vision is relayed by every valued customer.

If you need help developing a marketing solution for your business contact Shariah at sgreen@radio-one.com

“Be a Mogul. Build a Mogul.”

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