Black Dollar Directory Officially Launched


The Black Dollar Directory has officially launched and ready to serve Black-owned and operated businesses. Black Dollar is a small, online Rolodex of Black-owned or operated businesses - with a focus on those located in the state of North Carolina. Businesses in the directory include caterers, transportation services, home repair, clothing/apparel, hair salons, graphic design, restaurants, photography, real estate, health & beauty, cleaning services and more.

Black Dollar has a goal to establish a consistent, cool database where people can shop, conduct business, and get services from Black-owned businesses. They are also here to uplift Black-owned businesses by providing an additional source of marketing and search engine success, ultimately to help promote and drive revenue for these businesses.

Their plan is to kick off the directory in Raleigh, North Carolina and gradually expand to a regional and national directory. According to Black Dollar, their hope is if communities utilize Black Dollar, both from a registration & searching standpoint - they can help others in the Information Technology industry to establish a viable Black Business database, while other business owners can experience success through benefiting from high-visitor traffic, increasing clientele, and increasing business opportunities.

Click HERE o register your business with Black Dollar!