Practical and Thoughtful Gifts for National Boss's Day

Do you love your boss or do they work your last nerve at times? Whether or not you love everything about them, they haven’t let go of you for your tardiness or missing that deadline; so maybe you could consider doing something thoughtful. Besides, you’re not the only one who dreads coming in hearing people complain about how you can do better. A wise woman once told me “If you can keep the boss happy. You’re more likely to keep your job.”  

First, do not feel pressured to buy the most expensive thing in the store. I mean, if you have it like that go ahead. But, this list suggests practical and thoughtful gifts to consider for your Dear Boss. However, if you have a relationship with your boss and somewhat aware of their interests it’s never wrong to stick with what you know. Because nothing beats a gift from the heart.

Custom Stationary

Who doesn’t love personalized stationary? Your boss will feel confident as he/she sends their thank you notes. There’s a great selection of elegant and masculine stationary from Minted that you can choose from.

Coffee Mug

Anyone need coffee or tea in the morning? I know I do. It’s almost a given in any work space. Hook your boss up with a cool saying like this Like A Boss mug or keep it classy with this YETI 14oz mug .

Postcard or poster Postcard ,

Add a little humor to your boss’s work space with some clever sayings. Check out these $3, Etsy cards for some ideas. You could even write up your own, print it out and frame it!

“The Little Book of Stress”

This book  is a subtle and humorous way to let your boss know that they’re stressing everyone at the office out. Regardless of where they stand there will be painful laughter.

Pep Talks and Picker Uppers

Everyone needs a little encouragement at times and finding the right words in certain situations can be challenging. This clever book will help you add the “oomph” you need in team meetings to get everyone pumped and ready to execute goals.

Moodycards $10

These funny notes allow you to express yourself without having to open your mouth. There are plenty of messages that can be used to let your co-workers know where you are and what you're up to. Moodycards are not just fun but also very practical. Plenty of moods and messages to go around and you'll never run out! You might even want to get one for yourself.

Sports Paraphernalia

Does your boss have a favorite college or professional team? You can never go wrong with swag gear! 

Brilliant Ideas Launch pad

“This chunky pad is a brainstormers delight”. The Brilliant Ideas Launch Pad is only $11 and will help your boss manifest his bright ideas to life. Perfect for the boss working in a creative work space.

Business Card case or holder Business Name Card Holder, $7, Amazon

Make it easier for your boss to locate their business cards. This card holder is leather and stainless steel, and holds up to 25 business cards (and a credit card, too).

These are just a few suggestions to get those ideas rolling in your head! Now let us know what was your most memorable gift from a co-worker?