Serial Entrepreneur Berry Nash Making Big Moves in the New Year, one Being...Peculiar Restaurant & Lounge: Where Different is the New Norm

Written by: Shariah Green

Janae ‘Berry’ Nash, owner of the Celebrity Beauty Bar, is a serial entrepreneur from Washington, DC., who found her home in Raleigh, NC after receiving a bachelors in Broadcast Communications at Saint Augustine’s University. She’s gone on to receive a Master’s in Information Science and a Certificate in Esthetics. Over the past few years, Berry Nash has become well recognized for her career as a celebrity makeup artist, doing the faces of rising super stars such as Cardi B, Kash Doll and Deelishes to mention a few. Everyone wants to experience an “Apple Beat” and she offers a number of different ways to cater to all clientele. But, she has not limited herself to others limited imagination and uses her platform to launch businesses that relate to her life as a professional makeup artist.


Under her brand she has created Berry Bomb Cosmetics, a makeup line inspired for women of color, Berry Bomb photography, a youth model group called Berry Bombastics, and next plans to open the Peculiar Restaurant and Lounge in May 2019. This venture will pull together her passion for making people feel good but this time through great food and good music. Peculiar Restaurant & Lounge will be the perfect place for you to try out her signature drink “Bomb X”. Yeah! She’s also created a drink that’s a blend of Jack Daniels, pineapples and amaretto sour. Makes you smack your tongue just thinking about it! When asked to sum up 2018 in one sentence Berry says, “There are always better days.” A statement that perfectly describes the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and risk taker.


Berry is just like many of us. A person that believes in the importance of honesty and the love for a good pizza.

What inspired ‘Peculiar’ Restaurant  Lounge? I’m very different and I do things very odd. You can expect a classy respectable experience.

How many businesses do you have? Four. Celebrity Beauty Bar, Berry Bomb Cosmetics, Berry Bomb Photography and Peculiar Restaurant & Lounge.

What business venture are you most proud of? I’m most proud of the MUA business because when no one believed I could be great at it, I showed them with long hours, hard work and dedication. I went on a three day Carolina tour with Cardi B. It was a great experience and on top of it all I gave her a facial to end the night. She was very nice and respectful to me.

What advice would you share with an aspiring entrepreneur? Never give up, no matter what.

What does success look like to Berry Nash? Looks like money lol. Just joking; success looks like completion and by that I mean your life is in order, public and private, the money is flowing and you’re putting people in position to be better than they were before they met you.

What are your pet peeves? When people lie, that’s my biggest pet peeve.

If you could give your younger self a piece of advice what would it be? Be patient and everything happens for a reason.

You can catch Berry Nash every Tuesday on 72.9 the Voice. Also follow @Peculiar_Lounge for updates on the grand opening of her new restaurant and @apple_berry_ to keep up with the movement!