Business Mogul Office Music Playlist...These Tunes are Certified to get you Through Your Work Day!

Studies have shown that it is more effective to listen to music while you are working, some even say listening to music is the secret to high productivity; it all varies upon the type of music that you are listening to. The right music can ease stress from your brain, gather your focus and eliminate any distractions that you may have. It can also be used to get you thrilled to complete any task. Music can be used to fulfill a space between your thoughts. Studies have also shown that music while working can make things more repetitive and make the occupation more entertaining. So, to make work more satisfying for you, here’s a list of songs in different genres to provide yourself with a more productive day.

Song: Vivaldi - Four Seasons Genre: Baroque Classical

Music like Vivaldi is ornately constructed by Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi and other music composers. It provides listeners with clarity of mind. It has been proven that classical music can help improve your mood, diagnostic accuracy and all personal interactions.

Song: Louis Daniel Armstrong - What A Wonderful World Genre: Jazz

Jazz provides listeners with more ornate harmonies also pulsating rhythmic base. This type of music works well for those who have to complete jobs that include repetitive tasks.

Song: Brian Eno - Thursday Afternoon Genre: Ambient/Electronic

Ambient/Electronic music is used to help relax the brain and allow the mind to roam freely. The genre is very useful for those who are looking to gain some deep thought into their work. Also good for students studying for exams.

Song: Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing Genre: Classic Rock

The Classic Rock genre of music is heavily groovy, hook-driven jams plus rocking guitar solos. Rock music stimulates the mind and allows you to press forward through a day in the office.

Song: Beyonce - Schoolin’ Life Genre: Hip Hop

Hip hop music on the job is sort of like fuel to your fire. With so much work being done on computers, listening to good hip hop music can be used to optimize the boring. Hip Hop can either be upbeat or have a slower tempo. More modern studies would say that it isn’t the lyrics that produce such great work productivity, but it improves the mood that the music creates.

Song: Bob Dylan - Knocking on Heaven’s Door Genre: Folk/Singer-Songwriter

Music of this caliber is acoustic - that provide you with serenade as you work. The singer-songwriter style of music is great to get you on a steady pace and allow you to get through some tough times on the job. Great for jobs that requires you to slow down and have thoughtful progression.

Song: Aretha Franklin - Day Dreaming Genre: Soul

Classical Soul music has its way of uplifting your spirits and allowing you to feel warm as those drum lines will keep the workflow as smooth as possible.

Song: Seven Spanish Angels Genre: Classic Country

With Classic Country being gentle and rambling, this genre of music will keep the work day at a steady and thoughtful pace. This musical selection speaks on ballads about love and nature, which is very soothing to the ear while being in the workplace.

Song: Mary J Blige - Sweet Thang Genre: R&B

R&B is soulful and provides you with a peace of mind which enables you to be the best while working through your day. It gives you a smooth, groovy feel and good vibe that will allow you to have an exceptional work day.

Song: Jay Z- Can’t Knock the Hustle Genre: Hip Hop

Hip hop music provides people with more of an upbeat feel to get workers into a groove and pace that makes the work day more satisfying.