Introducing the New Age Author-preneur, Slym

Written by Shariah Green

Mindful Mizfitz2.png

Slym is a 31-year-old mother of two from Georgia that describes herself as a lover of life and a growing entrepreneur. “I have several businesses; a clothing line, hair and accessories store, real estate company and author/publishing company.” Although, her plate seems full, Slym most recently published her first book, “Friendships, Relationships & Companionships”, which promises to take you to the different levels of friendships and aptly explains how each one of those are important to building and maintaining healthy relationships. You can count on Slym to give you a raw and unapologetic point of view as ‘this is not your average book, and I am not your average chick, here’s a book where we all fit’. The book gently reminds you what it feels like to experience romance and that you are not alone in your seemingly impossible quest to find love.

Freedom of Speech is one that we all have the right to; however when someone shares an opinion that differs from the majority that “right” is quickly thrown out and deemed thoughtless or a reckless expression. Slyme noticed this and launched an online platform for the ‘Mizfitz’ that dare to speak their own truth. The Mindful Mizfitz is an online media platform that focuses on promoting and providing avenues of free expression. Launched in 2016, the idea was born out of Slym's passion for wanting to give a voice to those who desire safe spaces, where their words are met without judgment or consequence. She wanted to create an avenue for the thoughts that we all are thinking, but afraid to talk about due to fear of backlash or retaliation.

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