DJ Stormy Inspires Youth at The Love & Basketball Tea during NBA All Star Weekend

Written by Sheria Rowe

NBA All Star weekend had a vast number of events, which all started mid-week. Business Mogul had a chance to sit with DJ Stormy, panelist for The Love & Basketball Tea, an event created for young girls to be empowered and inspired. We discussed her experience from OWN’s “Ready to Love”, future plans in business, and more.

Sheria: DJ Stormy, tell me a little about yourself.

DJ Stormy: So, I’m DJ Stormy. I’m originally from Trinidad & Tobago and grew up in New Orleans but currently live in Atlanta full-time.

Sheria: So, this is All Star Weekend. I know you have a lot of things planned, what exactly do you have going on for this weekend in the city?

DJ Stormy: I’ve got this wonderful empowerment event here [The Love and Basketball Tea]. I also have the NBA Players Welcome party tonight at the Nascar Hall of Fame, then tomorrow, I’m deejaying at Recess Charlotte. Then I have to DJ something on Sunday as well. I’ll be attending a lot of the events but actually deejaying a few.

Sheria: You were on Season 1 of OWN’s “Ready to Love”. Let’s talk about your experience on this show.

DJ Stormy: It was absolutely amazing. The experience was different. For those who watched it, we actually went to one of the number 1 shows on OWN, which was crazy. It was the first time that Oprah and Will Packer did something together, so it was a powerhouse. It was also Will Packard’s first unscripted series. So, it was their first time doing an unscripted dating show that was more of a docuseries. It was love stories galore.

Sheria: What’s next for you?

DJ Stormy: The next season is coming up, I’m not sure if I’m going to make Season 2 or not. Right now, I’m just traveling. I’m doing All Star, I’ll be back hopefully for CIAA. I will be in Miami in March, heading to the Bahamas. Then I will be back in New Orleans for Essence this year and doing some other things in New Orleans as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed sitting with DJ Stormy to talk about all she has going on and looking forward to seeing great things in the future. To keep up with DJ Stormy, follow her on social media: @stormyatl (IG & Twitter)

Business Mogul Founder/Editor-in-Chief and DJ Stormy

Business Mogul Founder/Editor-in-Chief and DJ Stormy