Dual Directors on the Block: Jordan Peele x Tyler Perry Dominating the Film Industry

Written by Ellis Hill

Jordan Peele does it again. He’s an actor, creator and director…and currently on top of the film and entertainment industry. His creations from Get Out to US is a real game changer. He created Get Out to stir the pot in this generation and open our eyes, but US was created to give us more taste of the mind of Jordan Peele. Let’s elaborate on the film/entertainment industry itself and discuss his current placement.

At this moment, Jordan Peele is labeled as one of the greats. With this type of status this would land him on the same level as Tyler Perry, as it relates to box office revenue. Get Out made $33 million opening weekend, but in total made $176 million. US grossed $71 million opening weekend and so far, have an overall of $77 million. Tyler Perry’s current movie, A Madea Family Funeral made $27 million opening weekend and $66 million overall. 

Usually Tyler Perry dominates the box office when his new films hit theatres, but this time Jordan Peele stole the show. Even though Jordan Peele has most of the popularity votes and box office, we still cannot make the comparison fully because the different genre’s they present. Tyler Perry is more of the comedy drama side of the and Jordan Peele is more of thriller and suspense.

Overall the two of them separately or together are powerhouses in the film and entertainment industry. It makes you wonder how a movie with both of them directing would work out. Only the future could tell. Haven’t seen US or A Madea Family Funeral, catch it in a theatre near you!