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Written by Renee Hart

Serial entrepreneur Sabrina Seymore defines prevailing woman as having the most appeal or influence; prevalent. Starting her entrepreneurial journey as an event planner, Sabrina successfully built Sabrina Seymore Events which is a full service planning, design, and day of coordination company. Shortly after the creation of SSE, Sabrina had another vision; to create a platform for women. The Prevailing Woman, a multi-generational media outlet promoting the achievements of women was then birthed. Over a short period of time, Sabrina has broke major barriers in the media industry by branding her company with the She Prevails Conference, the Beatless Meetup, and The Prevailing Girl Camp.

She Prevails Conference has a purpose to empower, entertain, and recharge women who are thought leaders, entrepreneurs and have a general interest in the welfare of their communities. It’s an opportunity for women to gather together to hear dynamic speakers, create meaningful relationships in a curated atmosphere for women to excel.

Sabrina Seymore, CEO of Sabrina Seymore Events and The Prevailing Woman

Sabrina Seymore, CEO of Sabrina Seymore Events and The Prevailing Woman

The conference will include a co-ed kickoff cocktail party hosted by Courvoisier, conference break-out sessions, She Did That film screening and panel discussion, photo booth, swag bags and vendor shopping. The keynote speaker, LeToya Luckett-Walker will take the Main Stage. Other conference speakers will include women from various fields, industries and backgrounds.

Sabrina is the epitome of a prevailing woman and continuously spread her energy to empower women.

Renee: How did you become the Prevailing Woman you are today?

Sabrina: Anytime you are striving for something, you’re going to hit obstacles. With those obstacles and when you succeed, you ultimately prevail. I believe that’s the story of a lot of women. The term, prevail, was based on my life experiences and the people around me who go through things as well.

Renee: What does a typical day look like?

Sabrina: Going to the gym is the first order of business. It’s a non-negotiable. From there I transition my day to get prepared for meetings or dive straight into my email. It just depends on what I have to do for the day.

Renee: How are you able to balance the lifestyle you’ve created for yourself?

Sabrina: I do allow myself to have days off. I also find balance in the work. Some days I have to say I’m going to be a wedding planner today and I’ll be an editor-in-chief tomorrow.

Renee: Where did the idea of She Prevails originate?

Sabrina: The Prevailing Woman is launched as a print and digital publication. I had to do something different. My other level of expertise, event planning, helped create this conference. It started off as a brunch then a two day conference and now a three day conference.

Renee: How do you connect with so many influential women?

Sabrina: Social media. I’ve also been adamant about placing myself in places where potentially there are great networking opportunities.

Renee: What can guests expect differently for this year’s conference?

Sabrina: I get so many DMs, texts, and calls from men who say we never do anything for them so have made the cocktail party co-ed. There will be a movie screening from a Black woman called She Did That. Instead of two keynote speakers we will only have one but with a Sunday Funday agenda to get energy flowing.

Renee: What’s next for you?

Sabrina: We will be doing a Prevailing Woman Gives Campaign for the holiday season where we take time to collect sponsored items to give back to woman in need. We will also kick off 2020 with our #BeatlessMeetup Tour

There’s still time left to purchase tickets to the She Prevails conference. Visit more details!