Attorney Stephanie Robinson, New Deputy General Counsel for the Department of Transportation


For the past ten years, Stephanie Robinson Esq. practiced as one of the youngest criminal defense attorneys in Wake County (North Carolina). She’s climbed her way to the top by starting as an intern in law school and landing her ideal career as an attorney at The Jeffers Law Firm. Statistically, attorney Robinson should not be at the level of success that she’s reached. Being an African American woman in a male-dominated industry has brought challenges to Attorney Robinson throughout the years.

In addition to her success as an attorney, Stephanie holds a real estate broker license, a mother and wife. She’s managed to balance her personal life, all while being at the height of her career. With Faith, hard work, and determination, she’s been able to break major barriers in the legal industry. For an opportunity such as Deputy General Counsel, it’s like a fairy tale where the glass slipper fits perfectly.

Tell us about your new position, Deputy General Counsel for the Department of Transportation.

As Deputy General Counsel for the Department of Transportation I will provide legal counsel and advice to senior management on liability prevention strategies. I will also provide risk management services in the area of employment law and will advise and train on First Amendment issues and responding to public records requests. Additionally, I will be tasked with developing and delivering training to agency personnel, researching and responding to opinion requests to assure proper interpretation of law and providing legal guidance on defensible levels of employee discipline, employee grievances and administrative appeals. 

How did you prepare yourself for your new career?

I will be honest. I don’t think this was a position I necessarily “prepared” myself for. I am a woman of Faith, so I believe I was led to this position. For the last decade, I have worked diligently and hard within the legal profession. I pride myself with the utmost level of professionalism. I have prepared for the cases before me and welcomed predictable and unforeseen challenges along the way. Coming from a strong litigation background I developed the innate skill of being comfortable in uncomfortable situations. I have had the opportunity to practice in various areas of law which gives me an edge within the profession.  I have had the opportunity to advise individuals as well as entities and have done so while balancing a personal and home life. This will be a new challenge in my life and career, and I welcome it at the front door with confidence and a smile.

How do you plan on balancing and managing the new task?

I plan to prioritize my work and prepare myself to the best of my ability. Throughout my matriculation within the profession I have developed a unique set of skills that allow me to utilize my abilities in a productive way to benefit the agency as well as my professional and personal goals.

We are excited about the new opportunity for Attorney Robinson and know she will be a great asset to the DOT. Stay in touch by following Attorney Robinson’s journey on social media @iamstephanienicole3