It’s a Process Not a Project: An Intimate Discussion with Communication Strategist, Dorothy Enriquez

Written by Renee Hart 

Many people go through a project phase where they seek to accomplish goals with an end result and look to accomplish a new goal. More than often the process is overlooked and achievement is never ending. That result will require a process. One that will create value by constant personal development. Business Mogul, Dorothy Enriquez, is a communicator, mompreneur and leader dominating her process and intends to share her experience with individuals and businesses alike. 

Dorothy Enriquez is the principal and founder of The Communication Strategist. She has spent the last 15 years leveraging leadership and personal development to transform leaders and businesses from the inside out.

Renee: What is The Communication Strategist brand? What can people expect from a session with you?

Enriquez: The TCS brand is a service-based organization that is fresh and sophisticated. I’m young enough to be dangerous and old enough to be wise. This is a brand grounded in experience, driven by creativity and bolstered by the numbers that say this work is needed. Across the US there are countless organizations reporting leadership and skills gaps. TCS’ sole purpose is to close those gaps through transformative interventions that include public speaking and facilitation and turnkey and custom workshops along with coaching. When you work with me, you can expect me to hold you close before I hold you accountable but you can also expect the truth to be told from a soulful place. I am not here to appease your ego. I am here to speak to your true self. The one who wants to close the gap. The one who seeks to operate at an optimal level. So that means we will do our work from the inside out. So with TCS, you can expect transformation.

Renee: What is your background on becoming The Communication Strategist?

Enriquez: I started talking early. I was always talking in school and forcing my sister to play school and giving advice whether it was solicited or not. I received a master’s degree in human communication with a double emphasis in organizational and interpersonal communication. Then I proceeded into a 15-year stint in corporate to hone my craft and now here we are…full time in these streets pursuing my purpose.

Renee: When did you recognize that leadership development is important in your career?

Enriquez: I think I started to realize this very early in my career through a string of crazy bosses. You know what they say: people don’t quit companies, they quit managers. And that was my truth for a while and I couldn’t really understand the true challenge. What I later figured out when I was in my late 20s is that leadership development plus cultural accountability could make all of the difference. This realization allowed me to choose differently as I progressed in my career and show up differently as well.

Renee: How do you balance with being an entrepreneur and the many roles a woman wears such as being a mother?

Enriquez: I think it’s the balancing act of a lifetime being a single mother and an entrepreneur. I literally launched my business bouncing a newborn on my lap! I think becoming a mom causes you to be laser focused. I think it’s because you don’t have as much time as someone who doesn’t have a child or someone who may have a child but has a spouse to help pick up where you left off. But for me this is all an exercise in faith. I lean on God to make sure that I don’t feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders and it’s my faith that allows me to magically do both and feel good about myself at the end of each day.

Renee: What leadership skills must entrepreneurs develop?

Enriquez: An entrepreneur needs many of the same leadership skills as a corporate leader. But my top 3 would be: 

  1. The ability to create clear vision. Your contractors, if you have them, and your customers need to be able to see and understand the vision and how they fit into it.

  2. The ability to flex your leadership style. You cannot use the one size fits all approach. Each client, each employee and each sub-contractor will need something different along the path of driving results. You’ll need to know your go-to styles as well as your developing ones so you can match peoples’ needs.

  3. Calculated risks. You’ll need to trust your instincts and the numbers together in order to refine your decision process and get comfortable with not always being comfortable. Besides, nothing good ever came from comfort zones anyway.

Renee: How are you continuing to be a leader? What do you do in your personal development?

Enriquez: I have to step into my leadership daily. That could be doing something that I may not want to do but I know it’s imperative. It could be doing things I am not comfortable with and even having challenging conversations that I might be nervous to have. For my personal development I read and study A LOT. That’s the key. Study your craft so that it becomes a part of your DNA. 

Renee: What legacy are you leaving behind?

Enriquez: The legacy of effort. I don’t want my daughter to rest on being beautiful or smart. Do your work. Use your talents. Leverage your network and put in a diligent effort. TCS is part of the larger puzzle but the big goal is to be a sought-after communications resource who creates notable platforms that inspire and motivate women of color to live their best life. 

Dorothy offers signature workshops, custom and turn-key solutions and coaching. She brings education & entertainment (edutainment), theory and practice to her interactive learning experiences. She has helped 100's of teams navigate the stages of team development to foster learning, growth and results. If you would like to hear from Dorothy Enriquez on how to connect the dots of leadership, communication and results for your business or personal achievements, visit for more information.