Singer & Actress LeToya Luckett-Walker Headlines “She Prevails” Women’s Conference in the Triangle about Motherhood, Marriage, and Motivation

Written by Renee Hart

On August 11th, the Triangle experienced a fun-filled, inspirational women’s empowerment brunch with the keynote address by singer and actress LeToya Luckett-Walker, better known by her stage name LeToya Luckett. Her message included her story as a new wife, mother, on-going entrepreneurial ventures and encouraging women to take care of themselves and each other.

LeToya is a two-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and entrepreneur. Luckett has since become an actress. She was the star in several movies and television series such as Preacher's Kid and Single Ladies. She currently has a recurring role in the OWN series “Greenleaf” and VH1’s series “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle.”

Luckett went back to work four weeks after delivering her beautiful baby girl. Her production team was understanding; accommodating her schedule to doing fewer scenes at a time, taking moments to breathe, having moments alone, and making sure her daughter is in good hands.

Renee: What is your self-care routine?

Luckett: Sleep. Going to the spas. Taking breaks. A lot of times we think it’s expensive and oh I have to budget for this. I think if we prioritize those things and put our self-care first then life would flow. Do a little extra for yourself.

She first heard about the energy women received from the “She Prevails” Conference and knew it was something she was attracted to. Her message to the women in the audience appealed to young, mature, mothers, single women, married couples, entrepreneurs, and those still searching for answers. 

Self-preservation was a recurring point made during the keynote. The need to take care of yourself first includes taking a moment to breathe, going to counseling, and using the affirming positive words to yourself. She used a $20 bill to highlight how while it passes through many places and different people, it never loses its value. No matter what we go through, we should never forget our value because we are perfectly and wonderfully made.

Uplifting each other as a community or as Luckett described it as “being a village” is necessary in protecting each other. A lot of times women tear each other down or become envious of someone’s life through the social media lenses. We were reminded to not get distracted by looking at what someone else has because we never know what they have going on. 

“If you keep giving your lessons to other people, whose learning?”

She Prevails Conference keynote speaker, LaToya Luckett-Walker, Photo Credit: Jeffrey Lynn Media @jeffreylynnmedia

She Prevails Conference keynote speaker, LaToya Luckett-Walker, Photo Credit: Jeffrey Lynn Media @jeffreylynnmedia

Renee: How are you able to manage your roles as a mom, wife, and entrepreneur?

Luckett: I’m still learning. Pick your partner wisely. Pick your team wisely. Don’t try to overdo things. Wake up knowing you’re enough. If I can’t be right for myself then I can’t be right for anybody else. 

A question was raised about what difficulties she has faced and how did she overcome them. “Fear. Becoming a wife and new mom, there are so many things that come with that. I was afraid at one point even though I wanted it more than anything.” Thanks to her husband and family stepping in when she’s tired and her career continues to grow, she still prevails. Luckett encourages women to continue to grow. “The woman that gets up every single day, who wants to get up, and do her best is a prevailing woman.”

The artist is currently working on promo tours in a few cities and filming on “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle.” Catch The Walkers on Black Love on OWN which premiered on Saturday, August 10th.