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Be a Mogul . Build a Mogul: An Intimate Look into Business Mogul Founder, Dr. Sheria D. Rowe and Launch Event Recap

When Dr. Sheria D. Rowe set her mind to developing the Business Mogul platform, she had no idea that it would take off as quickly as it did. After only a few months, moguls across the country have been recognized and pertinent updates on businesses and leaders have been shared through the digital publication.

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Eyebrow Threading by Shabnam: “A Brows Impression is a Lasting Impression”

Your brows are the first thing someone notices. Because they frame the face, their placement and condition can have a huge impact on one's overall look. We’ve all had a moment of brow trauma and immediately noticed how much the imperfection affected our overall appearance. So finding the right person to do your brows is important.

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