Feminine – A Movie about Tomboys Written, Directed and Produced by Powerhouse Tailiah Breon

Written by Dimitri McKay

Business Mogul had the chance to attend the movie screening of Feminine, directed, produced, and written by Tailiah Breon. I really enjoyed the film and would definitely recommend it to anyone. It is easily relatable and has very good lessons and themes throughout. It also connects emotionally with the audience. Go check this film out when it hits theaters!

Dimitri: What inspired you to write this film?

Tailiah: Literally I woke up one morning and God was like I need you to write this film and this is what it is going to be about. This film is not my life, but it was definitely inspired by it. I consider myself a tom boy, so I just have never seen a film curated around us and women who have had their femininity tested. That is where it came from, I wanted to fill that void.

Dimitri: What are the underlying themes in this movie?

Tailiah: It covers so much. I know the movie is called Feminine and its women empowerment but it touches into mentorship, it touches on developing players off the court and not just on the court. It also touches on the Black community as a whole and the support we need, and the movement of Black Lives Matter.

Dimitri: How does the film relate to the things and problems going on around the world today?

Tailiah: Piggy-backing off of what I just talked about, its curated to send a message on the importance of mentorship, the Black community, unity, and women feeling accepted.

Dimitri: What is the one message you want the viewers to get from this film?

Tailiah: The one biggest message I want viewers to get from this film if nothing else, is be who you are and be confident in that and don’t question that regardless of the people. You can’t explain yourself at the time, but trust you process and evolve during it.

Feminine is a heart-felt, inspirational romance film following the life of an evolving woman. This story will compel an audience to embrace the strength and beauty of women who do not fit the traditional expectations given by society. Jordan Clark is an average athlete turned successful business woman. Self love, purpose and romance will help her through her self discovery as she redefines what it means to be "Feminine."

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