The BOSS of the Automotive Industry! How Dave Cannon’s Moves Lead Him to Managing Partner

The automotive industry has become one of the most innovative industries in this generation. Technology has integrated in personal and business lives and continues to thrive in automobiles. Crossroads Nissan Wake Forest’s own, Dave Cannon is an integral force of the community and the workplace. He’s taken his expertise in the industry and has helped with its continued growth; while sustaining technological, sales and marketing trends. You’ve probably seen him on television or have heard him on the radio promoting the latest deals at Crossroads Nissan of Wake Forest, North Carolina. He continues to break barriers in the industry by promoting diversity and inclusion within the workplace and quickly moving up the ranks in a dominated field.

As a game changer in the industry, Dave started out as a salesman while in college at Saint Augustine’s University (then College). He went from the sales department to finance and then General Manager/Managing Partner at Crossroads Nissan Wake Forest.

Business Mogul had a chance to sit down with Dave Cannon to discuss his journey and what’s next for him! He talked diversity in the workplace, setting goals, the importance of commitment and offered some valuable golden nuggets.

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Sheria: What is the Dave Cannon Brand?

Dave: I am the General Manager and Executive Managing Partner for Crossroads Nissan Wake Forest. I been with this company for 20 years. Started off as a salesman back in 1998 and moved up to finance manager, a sales manager, general sales manager and now Managing Partner.

Sheria: Tell us about your journey starting from the sales department to where you’re at now. Were there any struggles? How did you get there?

Dave: I just sold cars. What I wanted to do initially was just to have a job when I was in college. Graduating with a Communications degree, I saw in the communications building they had all the schools that graduated the same day and had their salaries posted. So most of them was like $26,000, $29,000. I was already selling cars at that time kind of part-time and I was making $40,000 a year at that time, so I said, maybe I should just stick with this for a little bit and see where this goes. At that time, it looked like I'll be taking a pay-cut if I was going elsewhere, so I stuck with it. My initial goal was just going to sell cars and make as much money as I can.

Sheria: So, you talked about diversity. Diversity and Inclusion is a hot topic now, a lot of companies are incorporating these programs into their policies and the workplace culture as a whole. How has diversity changed since you’ve started your career?

Dave: The Internet wasn’t really around when I was first doing this. Social media forces a different kind of demographics. For my store, I have a black sales manager. I have a female sales manager. Have another female finance manager and two other sales managers that are Black and I'm hiring an Internet Manager. At this time, every manager is Black. We didn't set out for that, it just happened and it’s worked.

Sheria: Dave, you’re a very successful man. What are some golden nuggets that you would give to a student?

Dave: I would tell them that you really don’t have to have a plan. Also, a lot of us make no money because we have no ownership. Have your stuff together. Whatever you do, do the job well.

Sheria: Let’s switch gears a bit. So, what’s your passion?

Dave: I do a lot of Podcasts. I interview rappers and entertainers. So, something radio/TV at some point.

Visit or stop in at 11120 Capital Blvd, Wake Forest, NC