TECHPreneurs Fill the Beauty Gap with SWIVEL Beauty Mobile App

SWIVEL Beauty co-founders Jennifer Lambert and Jihan Thomas are taking the tech beauty industry by storm. The saw a need for something and created SWIVEL Beauty mobile app to fill the gap. SWIVEL Beauty was created to connect women of color to hair professionals all over the United States.

Jennifer is a Harvard educated lawyer and Jihan is a University of Pennsylvania - educated magazine editor. They understood there was a need in the Black hair space that they could fill with their creative thinking and innovative drive. SWIVEL Beauty provides consumers the opportunity to seek and book the best hairstylists for textured hair. Currently, SWIVEL Beauty is operated in New York City and the DC area. You are able to request additional cities through the app.

With Jennifer and Jihan being Black women with textured hair, they found it difficult to find hairstylists to accommodate their hair care and styling needs. SWIVEL Beauty app is an avenue for those with textured hair to quickly research the best stylists in their area and conveniently book their services.

Download SWIVEL Beauty on your mobile device and visit the website at

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