Houston Business Mogul, DeAnna Green is Dominating the Houston Real Estate and Investment Industry

Written by Shariah Green

DeAnna Green, CEO and Founder of Nydan, LLC dba Nydan Real Estate Group and Nydan Investment Properties, LLC

DeAnna Green, CEO and Founder of Nydan, LLC dba Nydan Real Estate Group and Nydan Investment Properties, LLC

DeAnna Green is the CEO and Founder of Nydan, LLC. dba Nydan Real Estate Group. She is also a Licensed Texas Realtor who hails from North Carolina, but has called Texas home since 2008. DeAnna spent the first 15 years of her career in the Property Management industry with the last 10 being focused on Corporate Housing and Real Estate. With the success of NRG, DeAnna has expanded her business portfolio by creating a new company, Nydan Investment Properties, LLC. This company is an independently owned franchise of HomeVestors of America – WeBuyUglyHouses.com.

DeAnna’s personal passion is deeply rooted in Women’s Empowerment, which is why her Let’s Be R.A.W. (Real.Authentic.Women) platform was developed in 2018. “I launched it last year with the plans to start a television show. And, then in October I felt like I was being pulled in a different way with speaking, mentoring, coaching, teaching and those type of things.” DeAnna uses her years of coaching and mentoring skills to guide women into getting out of their “own way” by becoming the most authentic version of themselves. DeAnna is a national speaker and continues to give back to her community by volunteering at the local Women’s Center and with her campaign ‘Purses with a Purpose’. “I will empower another woman even if it means her win is bigger than mine.”  

DeAnna describes herself as a go getter and will get things done by any means necessary. By the time we’d spoke at 11am to discuss her ventures and upcoming conference, she’d already completed a workout, dropped the kids off at school, picked up office supplies, checked the post office and began “plugging away, because I’ve got all kinds of things going on.”

After hearing her story, it’s clear that her rise to success is due to extreme drive and having a supportive circle. And, in turn she’s feeding her passions into the life of other women.

Nydan Real Estate Group Corporate Housing

Nydan Real Estate Group Corporate Housing

You started your real estate business in 2016 and after only 3 years have launched Nydan Investment Properties. What would you credit your success in expansion, in a short time span to?

I think the relationships I had with current clients, definitely knowing the area. I’ve been here in Houston for 10 years. My real estate business requires that I know every area of Texas. So, every submarket from Houston and then spreads out. So, going into the investment side was kind of a no brainer. We just needed to figure out what was the right platform. So, actually this week it's crazy because we truly launched January first on the investment side and we’ve got two leads who are possibly purchasing (viewings Wednesday and Friday) some peoples homes. So, it’s a little crazy! I also have my conference “Let’s Be R.A.W” that I’m trying to wind down and prepare for this on Saturday as well.

How do you manage your time with four businesses while being a wife and mother?

It’s tricky! And this week is definitely testing my patience for sure. I think because of the Type A personality I have, I have always been a go-getter. Idol time is an important thing for me. I will work late. I get up early. So, I definitely use calendars and planners. I live by my phone and my iPad. That keeps me on schedule. What I do is literally plan out by the month. Since we’re already in January I’m looking at the calendar planning for February. My husband and I we rotate cooking dinner. So that’s a huge help. And, then with my kids, they’re just really good kids. A lot of it is that I’ve given them the foundation early on-that they’re very self-sufficient. They know how strict I am about grades. So, they do their part. A lot of it is the, “Do I feel guilty sometimes?” Yes, I do. I felt guilty [because] my mom's been here since the first of December and with everything I’ve had going on I’ve only been able to spend time with her twice. But, she understands it. A lot of it is my personality and my drive. I also live by this motto ‘No Excuses’. If I tell a client something's gonna happen-it’s gonna happen. I don’t care how, what happens or how many hours I need to work. I stick by my word. I think that is huge in my business and this is who I am. And, I rely on my faith. I just rely that God, He knows who I am. He knows how much I can handle and I know that He’s gon’ give me all the blessings I deserve and also whatever resources I need to be able to make those things come into fruition.

How do you get out of your own way in business?

Meditate. Re-align yourself. That’s something I’ve learned in the last two years. Because I will eat the whole elephant and not just little bites. I have to sometimes just take a deep breath, meditate, re-align, and re-evaluate what’s important at that particular time and allow none of the negative thoughts to come into play. One of the things I’ll be talking about at the conference is recognizing what your kryptonite is. It can be a person, place, thing or situation and we all have kryptonite in our lives. And, sometimes we don’t know how or when to identify them and then how to get rid of them, whether it’s permanently or temporarily. So, I have really practiced that over the last few years, especially having my own business. Who I need to have in my circle. What situations I need to be involved in. What resources I need to have in my portfolio. I move a lot in silence, another thing I learned the hard way. Because I used to be one that as things came up in my life  I’d share them too early. And then I’d hear from all the naysayers. Not to say that it's intentional. But other people's fear begin to roll on to you, which led me into doubt. So now, I move in silence. Sometimes even my inner circle doesn’t know what I have going on or have accomplished until it's out there in the universe.

What is Let’s be R.A.W and what is this platform for?

Initially “Let’s be R.A.W”  was to be a television show. Because, I was really disheartened and kind of sickened by the scripted reality tv. They just weren’t real life situations or how my girlfriends and I would interact with each other. It wasn’t how I’d seen business women handle their stuff. It wasn’t how I felt marriages or examples of how to raise your children. So, I wanted to have a platform that really showcases how women of color truly can be supportive of each other, uplift, and empower them and then still show some realness. I tried it for about five months, we shot six episodes and it just didn’t work out for us. Then I got challenged. Sabrina, a very good friend of over 20 years, who always pushes me out of my comfort zone. She said, you can do it by yourself. You don’t need anybody else. And you have the legitimacy behind you. So, she challenged me and said “I want you to put a conference on 75 days.”  And we were on day 77 when she told me this! So, I said I like a challenge. Okay, let’s do this! And it's been amazing because I’m now coaching with four clients. One in at Atlanta, two here, and another who’s stationed in Iraq. So that’s what feed the passion and purpose of what I feel God poured into me from the very beginning. My businesses - Nydan Investment Group, Nydan Properties - that’s for my family. That’s to make sure that I can provide for them. I create generational knowledge and generational wealth for my children and I leave a legacy. But, LBR is all about feeding the fact that my empowerment behind women is so strong that, I will empower another woman even if it means her win is bigger than mine.

How do you utilize the Internet and social media to sell homes?

No I don’t. I’ve been blessed and fortunate. So, my Nydan Real Estate Group, about 80% of that business is in the corporate and student housing industry. Basically, I deal with all of the large relocation companies, both domestically and internationally. They transfer or relocate someone here in the Texas area, whether it’s permanent or temporarily and they’ll put them in a furnished corporate unit vs sticking them into a small hotel room. Because most of them are here anywhere from 30 days to the average day is up to 88 days, right at 3 months. So, from the investment property or real estate I’ve been blessed that I didn’t need to do any type of social media. Social media for me now is new only because “Let’s Be R.A.W” pushes me. I have to be on these platforms for the LBR platform. But, I don’t have to be on it like everyone else. I’m already in with these clients. I’ve already built the trust from the temporary housing piece of it and I’m already a preferred realtor so they don’t go to anyone else but me.

Catch DeAnna this weekend at the Let’s Be R.A.W conference! Remember social media is just growing on her, as building real life connections has been the claim to her success. But, you can follow her @ncdiva4life on Instagram!

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