Grocery Shopping Using an App! 20% Increase in Usage

We have all heard the phrase “there’s an app for that”. According to 2019 forecasts, there will be a 20% increase of adults using an app to order groceries. With Amazons acquisition of Whole Foods, other grocery stores has been pushed to place more effort into grocery delivery and to make customers more comfortable with ordering produce and meat online.  

2019 is just a few months away. By then, more than one in five adults will use a mobile app to order their groceries. How convenient! 

In order to keep up with Amazons acquisition of Whole Foods and their rapid innovative growth, Walmart is expanding its grocery delivery service to 100 cities by the end of this year. Other grocery store chains are making plans to follow suit. The billion dollar food industry is continuously finding ways to be more convenient and innovative with their online shopping experiences. Even at the current growth rate, food and beverage retail sales will make up only 2.8% of all US e-commerce sales in 2018 at about $14.9 billion.