What’s in Your Bag? Business Woman Must-Haves


 Written by Sheria Rowe

“Behind every successful woman is a fabulous handbag.” Business women are always on the go and carry a lot of important items in their bags. While a woman’s bag becomes one of the most important components to their busy days, we sometimes can get carried away with bag item choices. Business Mogul asked women for their absolute must-have bag items for a typical day of business and we couldn’t have agreed with them more. 

Lipstick - Whether you need a nude color for the workday or a bold red for evening entertainment, lipstick is a must-have bag item for the everyday business woman. 

Granola Bar (or something light to snack on) - A business woman on the go may have limited time to grab a meal. Having a granola bar or something else light to snack on in your bag can quickly satisfy your hunger and get you back in focus for your day.

Portable Charger - Let’s face it...We’re in the time of tech. Almost everything we need is at the tip of our fingers; phone(s), laptop, digital planner, iPad, etc. It’s almost a necessity to carry a back-up charging device to get you through your day. The great thing about portable chargers is their size...small, compact, and can fit in any type of bag. Grab yours and stay charged!

Hand Sanitizer - Have a business meeting? Pull out your pocket-size hand sanitizer after shaking hands! It will hold you over until you can get to the restroom and wash your hands with soap and water. 

Lotion - Okay, you have finished shaking hands and found a restroom to wash your hands! Pull out your lotion and make sure your hands stay moisturized. A lightly scented lotion will also give you a burst of energy to finish your day strong.

Credit/Debit Card/Cash - Always always always have your card or some cash for emergencies. 

Headphones - Business etiquette tip...have to grab a voice or video call on the go? Insert your headphones so you won’t disturb those around you. This is especially for people who like to have a full conversation on speaker phone while in public. Be polite and insert your headphones! 

Business Cards - Business cards are an oldie but goodie. You never know when you’ll need to hand one out, so keep them handy in your bag. 

Card Reader - Are you a business owner? Keep a card reader in your bag at all times. You never know when and where you can make a sale! 

Glasses - I have been guilty of this...a contact rips and here I am struggling the rest of the day trying to see. I’ve learned my lesson and now keep my spare spectacles and contacts in my bag at all times. 

Business woman bag must-haves list contributed by Kiresten Branch, Laci Ollison, Jen Lawrence, Ne’Toshia Shyan, Chelsey Holts, Amber Rogers, Arthy (Jewel) Osayi, Kareece St George, and DeAnna Green.